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Kirjoittaja Aihe: Mazda 626 CB2 coupe 1.6 -81  (Luettu 248 kertaa)

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Mazda 626 CB2 coupe 1.6 -81
« : Heinäkuu 03, 2018, 15:38:03 »

I am selling a 1981 Mazda 626 CB2 coupe/hardtop. The car is located in Estonia.

The car was daily driven until 2003, when it had a small accident (front of the car was damaged), since then it has been sitting in the garage. Damaged parts are: hood, fender, bumper, front grille, front lights.
I have found some replacement parts: new hood, one fender, a CB bumper, radiator, etc, some are still missing.

The engine is 1,6 L (54 kW), manual 5-speed gearbox.

The windshield, side glasses, rear glass are OK. Other body panels except the front details are OK. The underbody has rust of course.

The car is not in a driving condition at the moment, so it needs to be picked up with a trailer.

About the price: if you are a serious RWD 626 fan and can make use of this car (for restoration or spare parts), we will definitely reach a deal. Scrap metal hunters will be rejected.

As a bonus, I will give all the spare parts I have collected, a Haynes repair manual and the original owner's manual (in dutch).

I will add some pictures soon.
You are welcome to contact me to ask more details: e-mail or phone is better, as I don't visit this forum often.

Best regards

+372 53 987 zero zero four
jorgen.lagemaa at gmail dot com